Catlynn Griffith

Internet Marketing Specialist

Catlynn graduated from Florida State University with a B.A. in Editing, Writing, and Media, and a dream of becoming a magazine editor. But, with today’s society being overrun by technology, she quickly realized that dream would likely not become a reality.

That’s when she fell in love with Internet Marketing – a field that would allow her to combine her two loves: writing and cold, hard facts.

When she’s not enjoying the fun-loving working environment at thirteen05 or trying to block out Patrice Wilson on replay, you could probably find her baking, doing yoga, watching college football, or eating tacos.

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Latest Posts

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March 22nd, 2017
The Benefits of Consistent Content Creation

Imagine you’re starting a new marketing project for you and your business or organization and the designers, developers, or marketers ask for the content you’d like t...

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March 8th, 2017
The Fine Line Between Innovation and Function

Life is an ongoing balancing act; one does not want to indulge in too much of one thing while neglecting another. A common saying is: Everything in moderation, including ...

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March 2nd, 2017
5 Design Tips for Non-Designers

1. Give your type some love. Fonts are not all created equally! As you can imagine, Fonts are developed by different designers and companies. With so many different hands...

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