Matt Marinsek

Project Manager

Born and raised in the small Route 66 and railroad town of Gallup, New Mexico, it didn’t take long after college for Matt to make his exciting move to Saint Petersburg, Florida.

“I loved the upbringing my family gave me, the natural beauty of the state, the friends I made along the way, and what I’ve learned to be where I am today. However, New Mexico just isn’t where I truly belong.”

Matt stayed relatively close to his hometown during his college years at New Mexico State University in the town of Las Cruces, where he achieved his degrees in Marketing and Advertising in May of 2015. It was there he discovered his passion for being a part of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity on campus that would inspire, motivate, and shape him through even the toughest of times.

“In addition to my education, Alpha Tau Omega gave me the experience I needed to become a leader that I could not have obtained otherwise. There are very few things in this world I would give that time up for, given the situation of course.”

The familiarity of the Tampa Bay Area started at a young age with his late father Michael frequently traveling for engineering business to Clearwater Beach when it was a perfect time for family vacation. After Matt’s father’s passing in early 2011 his mother, Nancy, decided it was time to move on from Gallup and venture to the Sunshine State. While visiting mom during college, Matt’s familiarity of the area grew even more, leaving a clear option for moving away from the dry southwest.

“I’m extremely happy to be living here in the Tampa Bay area and equally excited for being a part of the thirteen05 creative family. I have never worked with a more dedicated, passionate, and fun company until I started working here.”

Matt enjoys learning the latest trends in technology, watching movies and tv shows, and DJs on occasion.

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