4 Simple WordPress Plugins That Do Big Things by Juan

There are tons of WordPress plugins to choose from. Some are complex and full of features and others are small and basic. Sometimes the right tool for the job isn’t always the biggest tool. Below, you will find a list of 4 plugins that are simple to use with great return.

Insert Headers and Footers

WordPress, by default, does not make it easy to add code to the header and footer sections in your website. In all honesty, this is probably for the best. Without having basic development knowledge, it can be frustrating to make simple changes like adding a Google Analytics code to your website. That’s where this plugin comes in. Header Footer Insert adds a WordPress Admin page with options that allows you to insert custom code and scripts to your header and footer tags without modifying any templates or codes. The beauty of this plugin is that it offers you independence from your theme. If you ever feel the need to change your theme, your header and footer code will not be affected. Now, as you can imagine, if you deactivate this plugin your code will be removed.

Really Simple SSL

This plugin should be called Really Simple Life Saver! If you just purchased an SSL certificate, you went through the trouble of dealing with your host and installing it and you’re still not seeing the green lock icon, this plugin can solve the problem! One of the headaches you may encounter when installing an SSL certificate is unsecured content on your website. Unsecure doesn’t always mean dangerous or harmful. In this case, the most common issue you may run into is files, such as images, stylesheets, and javascript files being included in your site insecurely. Without a clear understanding of how to manually fix it, this can be a very difficult task to correct. That’s where Really Simple SSL comes in. By automatically detecting your settings, Really Simple SSL will configure your website to run smoothly over SSL at the click of a button. Keep in mind though, like most plugins, these changes are not hard coded into your website and removing the website will cause your site to load unsecurely.

Disable Comments

Without a proper anti spam filter, comments can become a nightmare to clean up. This is especially true on a website that does not utilize comments at all. While WordPress does offer the means to disable comments per page or post, disabling comments sitewide is not currently available. The Disable Comments plugin gives you the ability to disable comments by the bulk on posts, pages, attachments and more. If you ever decide to utilize your comments on your website, you can easily re-enable comments on a specific post type or simply disable this plugins to regain comment functionality on your entire website.

BJ Lazy Load Images

Last in our quick list of simple plugins is BJ Lazy Load. Images make up a big portion of page load time on. Optimization and Compression are important and are steps that should definitely be taken when preparing images for your website. Lazy Loading images and content is an additional step you can take to further increase page load speed. BJ Lazy Load replaces all your images and content iframes with a placeholder. Once your images and content scroll into your user’s viewport (visible part of the website), BJ Lazy Load will dynamically load the content and display it. If you have pages or blog post with a lot of images or embedded youtube videos, this plugin can help increase pages load time and get visitors reading your content sooner!

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