There are numerous components to measure when marketing your business, but it’s all meaningless unless you can properly analyze them in a way that promotes results. By using analytics in marketing, not only can we determine the ROI (return on investment) of marketing results, but we can identify opportunities for improvement. Marketing metrics reveal important customer data like who visits your site, from where, and using what type of device, while analytics helps you to determine the why and discover patterns in the data that will help you increase customers and/or sales.

Analytics Tells a Story

Simply following trending marketing techniques or “good feelings” isn’t enough to throw support or money behind without data to back it up. But spreadsheets full of numbers and nothing else only adds more confusion. Analytics puts the data in the context of your business, telling a more complete story about how marketing efforts are driving revenue. In order to properly market a brand, analytics is needed to:

• Understand the big-picture marketing trends
• Determine which strategies worked and why
• Monitor trends over time and discover historical patterns
• Predict future results

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most useful tool we at thirteen05 creative use to interpret customer data for our clients. One of the most powerful web analytics applications available, Google Analytics provides, in real time, detailed reports of website traffic for a business.

User Analysis: Google Analytics can tell you the geographic location of all the people who visit your site and other useful information like whether users favor using a computer or smartphone when visiting your site, or if users spend more time on your site during the afternoon or evening.

Social Media Analysis: As social media becomes more integral in the survival of a business, analyzing social media performance can uncover ways in which your business’s social media efforts are working and where it needs improvement.

Content Analysis: Google Analytics is useful in measuring the performance of content by tracking where users visit, what they’re searching for, where they end up on your site, and more. We can develop your website around this type of information so that you can give your customers what they really want.

Advertising Analytics: We use Google Analytics to ensure that advertising campaigns for our clients are efficient and effective by tracking how different ad rotations affect conversion rates, making sure ads are displayed at their most optimal times for attracting customers.


At thirteen05 creative, we understand how essential marketing analytics is to a business in improving measurements and ROI capabilities. We use our knowledge to market your business with higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness so that you can outgrow competitors and become more profitable long-term.