Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet: Why Apple, Inc. Will Win The Mobile Payment War by Thirteen05

Google may have been the first to start the “mobile payment” race, but in their haste to get off the block the first, they failed to remember their major competition, Apple. As Apple releases Apple Pay, three years AFTER Google Wallet, results show that they are close to souring past the competition, proving their philosophy “that being the best trumps being the first.” With its release Apple Pay comes with an expansive list of partners including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bank of America , and more.  While Google Wallet is only supported by Sprint and still use only one card issuer partner, Citi MasterCard, although it now offers Visa and American Express. Apple has also ensured that safety and privacy are one of their number one concerns regarding your credit cards and purchasing information. Apple will not collect any data regarding your transactions and use added security to ensure that your credit card information is safe.  Now, Google has its own security features to protect your credit card information, but privacy is not its strong suit, as it collects all purchase data to increase targeted ads (however this is no surprise to regular Google users, like myself).

image via The Motley Fool
image via The Motley Fool

With its wide range of card carriers and network partners, their high priority with security and privacy and best user experience, Apple Pay is the clear winner, even though it started the race three years later.

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