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Make your WordPress Site SSL Ready

If you haven’t heard yet, Google is cracking down on non secure sites! What exactly does this mean? Well…in short, Google’s browser Chrome will now make it very clear the site you are visiting is not secure. It no longer matters if you are storing sensitive information or not from your users, your site will… Read More »

Bolder Isn’t Always Better: Taming Your Design With Balance

You finally got your website launched, your website traffic is kicking butt, but your conversion just isn’t turning out the way you hoped it would. Identifying the reason why your site is not converting can be frustrating and it can feel close to impossible to solve. The truth is, there are many factors why no… Read More »

Identifying and Removing Problem Plugins in WordPress

One of the advantages of WordPress is how easy it is to manage your own website. With all the plugins and themes available, adding a new feature or changing the look of your website can be very simple. Unfortunately sometimes our WordPress websites run into snags where a plugin, theme or custom feature just won’t… Read More »

4 Simple WordPress Plugins That Do Big Things

There are tons of WordPress plugins to choose from. Some are complex and full of features and others are small and basic. Sometimes the right tool for the job isn’t always the biggest tool. Below, you will find a list of 4 plugins that are simple to use with great return. Insert Headers and Footers… Read More »

Gutenberg is Coming!

Recently, it was announced that WordPress 5.0 will come with big updates, including a new editor that will change the way you edit content on your WordPress website. Unlike the current WYSIWYG editor in WordPress, Gutenberg feels very much like many of the page builders available. Gutenberg presents a modern interface that makes writing and… Read More »

Making Your Content Easy to Digest

Your content is important, and making sure your visitors can easily read and digest your content is equally just as important. How you present your content can make the difference between someone easily finding what they are looking for or simply getting overwhelmed and leaving your website. There are many design and formatting factors that… Read More »

Judging WordPress Plugins Before Installing

WordPress has thousands of plugins to help you extend the functionality of your website. Adding new tools and functionality to your existing website at the click of a button is amazing and something that should be utilized. But wait! Not every plugin is the right fit for your site. Deciding the best plugin to use… Read More »

5 Design Tips for Non-Designers

1. Give your type some love. Fonts are not all created equally! As you can imagine, Fonts are developed by different designers and companies. With so many different hands in the pot, inconsistencies are inevitable. Coupled with different rendering methods used by software and browsers, your type can look drastically different and sometimes unpleasant. It’s… Read More »

How to Utilize Google Fonts

Easily find the right font combination for your website. Looking for the right fonts for your website is tough, let alone finding a great matching pair that is cost effective as well as easy to implement. There are many great services available online for finding and using web fonts on your website but before you… Read More »

Why You Should Get an Outsider’s Input on Your Design

There are many factors that can determine the success of a website or print design. Great composition, balanced use of color, perfect type design, quality photography, and much more. But how do you know when your design is truly finished? This is a tough question, and some would argue never. While I, from an artistic… Read More »

3 Signs That it’s Time for a Website Redesign

Websites are not static moments in time. They are dynamic, ever growing organisms that require constant attention to ensure that they continue to do their job and remain effective towards your business goals. While design is only one of many determining factors of a website’s success, there is no doubt it’s one of the most… Read More »

Designing with Grids

The visual organization of your website’s content is critical for ensuring that your visitor can easily find and interact with the information they are looking for! By using Grids, we can design and layout our website’s content in a very easy and familiar way that allows users to quickly traverse your website with ease. Designing,… Read More »