Break Down Your Writer’s Block by Thirteen05

Coincidentally, I found myself staring at my computer screen pondering what to write a blog post about and coming up with zilch, something that does not happen often. Then I thought to myself, why not write a blog post about writer’s block?

Well, when worst comes to worst, Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator takes all the effort out of randomly throwing topics at a wall to see if they stick and does a pretty good job at it too. All you need are some keywords and you’re off. Sure, it isn’t 100% accurate in its creation and you might have to go around the block a couple times before finding that game changer but it works in the sense of getting your creative juices flowing.

In terms of organically finding something out of nothing, my best tip is to just write.

It doesn’t have to be coherent or even make sense. Pick the simplest topic and start writing because it could eventually turn into something worth sharing or lead you to something more fruitful to write about or it might be enough to get all of the bad topics out of the way. Blog posts don’t always have to be informative or tailored to your industry or product; sharing stories whether they are inspiring or humorous or just sharing thoughts in general adds a personal edge to a blog that is greatly appreciated by readers. Your goal is to write, so just write.

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