Why I Am Ditching Google for DuckDuckGo

Yes, it sounds like insanity, a digital marketer, SEO specialist and reveler of the Web 2.0 zeitgeist ditching the albatross of search engines for…a duck? Of course, I’m ditching Google’s search engine on a purely personal level because if I ignored Google on a professional level, I’d be completely useless at my duties. That is… Read More »

Say Goodbye to Mobile Versions of Sites

Web development has evolved over the past few years with new versions of HTML and CSS. Web designers have adapted to these newer technologies and mobile devices. Websites used to have two versions, one for the desktop computers and one for mobile devices. Now that there aren’t just a few different sizes of screen, there… Read More »

Break Down Your Writer’s Block

Coincidentally, I found myself staring at my computer screen pondering what to write a blog post about and coming up with zilch, something that does not happen often. Then I thought to myself, why not write a blog post about writer’s block? Well, when worst comes to worst, Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator takes all the… Read More »

What PBR and Sharpie’s Instagram Feeds Can Teach You About Brand Evangelism

First off, let’s get this out of the way: brand evangelism is an advanced form of marketing that essentially makes your happy customers into volunteer marketers and even salespeople. How? Through word of mouth (or the modernized version of that), one of the oldest forms of marketing there is. Of course, having your customers spread… Read More »

Mobile-Only Internet Users Finally Surpass Desktop Users

Although it has been expected to happen for a while now, comScore has finally released a poll that reveals that mobile-only internet users have surpassed desktop users. The report is for users 18 and older and in the United States but it is further proof that mobile is indeed the future of web browsing. Reports had… Read More »

Mobilegeddon is Upon Us

In case you had forgotten or didn’t hear the warnings being shouted from rooftops, today is the day of days. Google will be rolling out their new mobile search algorithm, aptly nicknamed by industry professionals as “Mobilegeddon”, beginning today and most likely continuing for a few weeks. If you don’t know what the new algorithm… Read More »

3 Tips to Increase your Online Sales this Holiday Season

With the holidays among us, shopping season is in full swing. More and more customers are shopping online and it is important that customers can find your website easily. Your SEO ranking on Google can be the difference between selling a handful of products and having millions of online sales. 67.6% of people will click… Read More »

A Few Things To Keep Up With During The Holidays

Time to slow down for the holiday season… It’s time for family, food, presents and football! It’s also the perfect time to get ahead. It’s common for businesses to slow down, or even pause their marketing efforts during the holiday season, with the strategy of really starting strong in the new year; big mistake, huge!… Read More »

Social engagement lessons from Denny’s

Have you been to Denny’s lately? Ok, maybe not, but have you seen their Twitter account lately? It’s genius. Seriously, it’s total genius. Right now you’re probably looking at me going ‘what in the…” as you scroll down tweets and tweets of randomness, some coherent, some non-coherent. For a lot of brands, a Twitter account… Read More »

How to Get Visitors to Your Blog

One of the truest truisms in marketing is just because you wrote it, published it or posted it doesn’t mean anyone is going to see it. That is certainly true of the Internet in general and blogs in particular. The whole idea with a blog is to generate repeat visitors. But you have to get… Read More »

Blogging Made Easy (and Cheap)

There’s an easy and free way to get started blogging. That is with Blogger, another one of Google’s fine and free services. If you create a blog on their hosting platform, Blogspot, it doesn’t cost a thing, and they make it really easy to get started. Later, you can host a blog elsewhere or add… Read More »

Should I Blog?

Believe it or not, the FIRST question to answer in deciding whether to do a blog is: Am I going to have fun doing this? There’s a very simple reason for that. If it isn’t fun, you aren’t going to do that. We seen this clearly over the years. It is just one of those… Read More »


I first noticed the emerging phenomenon of blogging about 5 years ago. I predicted it would become a huge medium of communication, and I was right. These days, most people have the idea blogging is a good thing. But not everyone knows how to get started, what are the pitfalls, or even WHY you should.… Read More »