Conversion Rate Optimization

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Most marketing practices strive to primarily drive traffic towards websites, attracting as many new eyes as possible so that there’s a higher chance of more serious visitors coming to make a purchase. However, there’s so much to be gained from converting the more passive visitors into active users that not only engage with your content, but buy your products. This focus doesn’t get as much attention from many marketing teams, but it can be highly beneficial to your business. That’s where conversion rate optimization (CRO) comes in.

All of the ways in which a website is designed to convert visitors into customers, whether it’s the homepage, pricing page, blog, etc. can be optimized to increase conversions. Generally there is a finite demand for products and services, so making the most out of existing website traffic is essential to the continued success of a business. Effective CRO will bring your business benefits like:

• Better ROI
• Defense against the limited patience of visitors
• More cost effectiveness than finding more visitors

CRO is about getting more out of the right kind of customers, not just blindly optimizing the conversion rate of any given page or campaign. You want to find customers who will love your product or service and will spread the word about your amazing business.

How it works

So let’s say your website has 10,000 visitors per month, generating 100 leads that result in 10 customers each month. The visitor to lead conversion rate would be 1%. However, you’re not satisfied. You want 20 customers per month, so what do you do? You could try to get 20,000 visitors to your site and hope you attract twice as many quality leads and customers. Or, you could generate more leads from your existing traffic by optimizing your conversion rate. Here are some ways to do that:

• Include text-based calls to action within your website.
• Implement lead flows, or little pop-ups, that attract the user’s attention.
• Run tests on your landing pages to see what changes work best on visitors.
• Add messages to high-converting web pages.
• Use retargeting strategies to re-engage website visitors.

At thirteen05 creative, we use tools to give you an idea of your potential customer demand so that you can get more out of your existing website traffic. We help you optimize your conversion rate, attracting more visitors to follow through on a purchase.

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