Do you have the right mindset? by Thirteen05

Did you know there are over 15 types of mindsets people can have? Did you know they all have a different meaning? No matter what your mind set is, do you think it is the right one for a successful Project Manager? Well you are about to find out!

As a project manager your key role is to make sure every project goes down without a hitch! With that comes client communication, initiating, planning, organizing, time management, monitoring, controlling, execution, etc. You have to make the smallest and largest decisions through the duration of every single project within your control. How could one possibly succeed in this fast-paced, detail-oriented and stressful role? Well…the key is having the right mind set!

If you have a success-oriented mindset you are one step ahead of those who don’t. This type of mindset is essential in your role as project manager. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses can put you on the path to success in anything you do, but especially in a project management environment.

As project manager, your team will be looking to you for guidance, clients will be looking to you for the answers/solutions. When you don’t have all the answers, you will have to problem solve, research, and inquire until you find them. When you don’t have all the solutions, you will need to talk to the client, your team, or whoever else until you come up with them. When business is booming, you need to know how to remain positive and encouraging to keep your team on the right track. Being optimistic will lead to success, being negative will only lead to more road blocks and tension, preventing you and your team from getting stuff done. Keeping your mindset on the positive side is essential for everyone!

Never be afraid to ask for help. Although you are the team leader, open up your mind to seeking guidance when needed and realize that there is nothing wrong with learning from others! Two heads are better than one!

One of the most important things as a project manager is creating clear goals. Making sure you have a clear mindset to assign a clear set of priorities will ultimately help you and your team achieve your goals! There will always be day-to-day distractions but to prevent misunderstandings and delay in progress, keeping those clear priorities will ensure the team always stays on track!

As a project manager, your role is to manage your team to achieve ultimate success. One mistake some project managers can make is not trusting their team. It is important to have the mind set to believe in your team, not micromanage them, and trust the fact that when you assign something to them, it’s going to get done! You have enough on your plate, your team has enough on their plate that your job is to focus on your tasks at hand and let them focus on theirs! Now you are the last person to review their work, of course, but allow them to show you what they’re made of before you go watching their every move!

Overall, knowing your mind set and knowing your management style is your dynamite! If you know how you like to be managed it can help you when managing others. In this role, with a success-oriented mind set and the willingness to understand your strengths and weaknesses, you can do anything! You can only keep learning and growing from here…with the right MIND SET!

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