Get Out of That Rut

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We are about to head into 2019 and I’m sure vast numbers of you are making plans for the new year.

That’s a good thing. If you don’t plan the future, chances are what happens won’t be to your liking.

So how to go about planning your MARKETING for 2019?

If you are currently rapidly expanding, the following advice is not for you.

If you’re doing okay, but no great shakes, if things are a bit down or in the doldrums, it’s time to GET IT OUT OF THE RUT.

You may think you are doing useful things, but the truth is, you’re thinking in too small a sphere. You’re down in the rut, swinging between one tread groove and another.

There’s a big picture you are missing.

So how do you get the big picture on your marketing? Start with the fundamentals:

  1. What are you selling? Can you or should you be selling other things? “Upsells” are often the easiest ways to increase income, but not by themselves likely to make a dramatic difference.
  2. Who are you selling it to? Do you really know well, who you target markets are? Are there other potential markets you’re missing the boat on?
  3. What channels are you using to reach prospective customers? What other potential channels exist? Are their potential lucrative channels you haven’t tested, or haven’t tested recently?
  4. What does your branding look like? Do your logo, slogan, color scheme and so on still communicate what they should or do they look out-of-date?
  5. What is your MARKETING MESSAGE. How effective is it? Are you continuously researching and testing to improve this (and other elements).
  6. Do you have a well-defined, and well-handled marketing/sales funnel? An amazing number of leads get wasted by companies throwing away any lead that doesn’t rapidly close. Or never become a lead because the company has no system of nurturing interest.

There’s enough material there to keep you busy for a while. It’s also a formula for a boom because, guaranteed, somewhere amongst these questions and areas, there’s gold – some overlooked opportunity that will make your business take off.

And maybe, just maybe, give you the best 2019 ever.

I hope you do!

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