What to get people like us for Christmas? by Thirteen05

I often find myself asking the question, what do I want? Mainly I ask this question around lunchtime, after not being able to think a single thought and becoming uncontrollably hungry I opt for the easiest and closest thing. Since it’s Christmas time, I’m giving you the easiest and best ideas on gifts for people like us at office! Exciting, I know. Here are just a few from various sources:

For someone in internet marketing:


For someone in web development:


Now I know that some of these items are inside jokes and normal people may not get them, however these next ideas are for everyone and are just plain awesome.


Saracha Beer! Because it is good with everything like Bacon…Beer


Foot Hammock!!


And Last but not least, the office space stapler t-shirt.

Christmas is a time of joy, presents, family, and food…but mostly presents.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from thirteen05 creative!

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