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Intuit Websites
Last Updated a year ago

Intuit, the Quickbooks people, are now peddling cheap websites. A few dollars a month.

They've got great TV commercials I know they are spending some serious bucks on, because I see them all the time. They push all the right buttons - five months and the designer still hasn't finished. Trying to learn code and do it yourself. And so on.

Then they explain how you can have a website overnight, cheap, and get rich in no time!

My question, does anyone believe their hype? I kinda doubt it. More likely, people can't afford a professional website and the commercial at least gives them hope that a cheap do-it-yourself site will work for them. It would probably be the first website they've bought.

This is the kind of environment we market our services into. Any reputable marketing firm has to first and foremost differentiate themselves from the vast army of rip-off artists purveying their golden promises and shoddy wares over every marketing channel.

I'm not trying to sound depressed or anything. We're doing great. But that's the planet we live on.

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