Social engagement lessons from Denny’s by Thirteen05


Have you been to Denny’s lately? Ok, maybe not, but have you seen their Twitter account lately?

It’s genius. Seriously, it’s total genius.

Right now you’re probably looking at me going ‘what in the…” as you scroll down tweets and tweets of randomness, some coherent, some non-coherent.

For a lot of brands, a Twitter account like this would be a complete social disaster. In actuality, people have lost their jobs because of tweets similar to those. So why are they doing it?

For Denny’s, it works. Since Denny’s changed their social strategy, their social engagement has gone up over 200%. Those crazy tweets get them more retweets in a few minutes than they did before their campaign overhaul. Denny’s knows it’s audience on social media– people who enjoy humor paired with classic food combinations like the Grand Slam. So instead of trying to push their more family friendly marketing messaging that you find in commercials to their social audience, they adjusted their message so they would resonate. And so far it’s paying off.

This philosophy is true in a lot of realms of digital marketing. From your website to your social engagement strategy, you need to put your ego and personal preferences aside to make sure you’re delivering what your audience wants. You want them to interact, you want them to engage. You want them to take your content and share it amongst their friends, so before you know it, you’re trending for all the right reasons. That’s good social engagement

So while their efforts may be a little outside of the norm, their customers and suits are laughing all the way to the bank, collectively.

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