Importances by Thirteen05

In doing marketing, one of the Big Things is knowing what is important and what is not.
For example, in direct mail, the mailing list is the single most important thing. You can do everything else right and have a lousy campaign if you are mailing to the wrong people.
In websites, navigation is hugely important. In most industries, testimonials are hugely important in your website, brochures and sales materials.
In e-commerce, getting traffic to the website is the crucial point that makes or breaks an online store. The store can be beautiful, you can have the greatest items in the world, store functionality can be fine-tuned, but if no one makes it to the website, that means nothing.
To authors and artists, publicity is king. Marketing is mostly a matter of distribution; once you’re on Oprah, people need to be able to find your books and to be easily able to buy them.
What’s important in marketing your products or services? It’s worth thinking about.

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