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So if you are one of our awesome clients, you know that we keep beating a dead horse with our ‘Content, content, content’ shpeal. We swear, we do it for a reason. Recently, Search Engine Land put out a great article that shows some basic math as to why Content is so dang important right now. The math goes as follows:

Let’s assume that there are 20 used car dealers and 2 new car dealers actually in your suburb.  There are 17 spots on page one of Google if you count the organic results and the map pack… but after the recent Pigeon update, there are a lot of directories showing up. After we remove the directory spots, that leaves 11 or 12 possible spots.

22 dealers – 12 spots = 10 dealers that won’t be on page one, just in your suburb…

But, you obviously want to target the larger metro area to bring in more search traffic. There are 8 suburbs in your metro, so let’s adjust the math:

22 dealers x 8 cities = 176 dealers

But, we also need to account for the dealers that are in the main city in your metro area. Since it’s a much bigger city, let’s conservatively say that there are three times as many dealerships there. Now, our equation looks like this:

22 dealers x 11 cities = 242 dealers

That’s 242 dealers fighting for the 12 spots on the first page of Google search results – which means 230 dealers won’t make it to page one.

What this means is- there are a ton of people out there competing for a small spot on the roster of Google’s Search Engine team. A lot. No matter the field, if you’re in the services or product industry, there’s a lot of opponents you’re going to have to face down if you want to rank on that prestigious page 1. And the only way that’s going to happen nowadays is with content.

Content can be anything from words to pictures to video to infographics- ANYTHING that adds value to your user’s experience. And it’s not good enough to just have content, oh no. There has to be a strategy to that content. It has to be optimized around data. It has to be optimized for the mobile experience. It has to be optimized for LOCAL.

This all takes time. And patience. And planning. That’s why we don’t like to offer contracts that are less than 6 months, because we have to plan.

So, if you saw that math and it befuddled your mind, give us a call. We’re not claiming to be mathmaticians- but we are claiming to be SEO wizards.

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