KISS for trade show displays by Thirteen05

KISS, being of course, the famous acronym for “Keep It Simple Stupid” – usually a good idea in marketing (except for the “stupid” part). KISS for trade show displays

There are only three things a trade show display can really do:
1. Make people stop and look. That is dependent on having one main graphic that is dramatic and colorful.
2. Let them know if it is something they should look at more closely. That is dependent on a very few words and possibly smaller graphics to tell who you are, what you do, and possibly, why you’re different.
3. Keep them busy and interested for a bit so you have time to grab them if you are in the middle of an uninterruptible conversation with someone else. That is dependent on some (Some! Not a whole book!) of additional copy and possibly small graphics to provide more information.
Points 1 and 2 make trade show displays a lot like a billboard, where the rule is one main graphic only and not more than seven words of copy. Why? People driving down the road don’t have time to absorb more than that.
It’s not much different with trade show displays, but it is a bit different because they aren’t moving as fast, and if they stop, they can look more closely and read more.
But point number 3 should never be so extensive as to interfere with the accomplishment of 1 and 2. And 3 should never be so extensive as to answer all their questions. You want to talk to them, and the best way to accomplish that (as in all marketing) is to get them interested but leave them with unanswered questions.

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