Market Research is a Neglected Tool by Thirteen05

When your marketing isn’t working well it’s time to stop and take a long look at what’s wrong. As a wise man once said, when you’ve been beating your head against a wall for a while, it only makes sense to stop before it (your head) gets soft and squishy.

Usually the answer lies in market research.

This mysterious subject amounts to no more nor less than understanding who your potential buyers are — and how to communicate to them so they will respond.

Here are some of the key questions market research is designed to answer:

Who is likely to buy your products or services?
Who is your competition?
How are your competitors marketing their products or services?
What do your potential buyers want, dislike or despise about products such as yours or how they are marketed?
What is your Unique Selling Proposition (what makes you stand out from the crowd with something that will appeal to your potential buyers)?
How do your potential buyers want to hear about products or services such as yours?
What would help build trust in your products and company?

If you knew the answers to such questions do you think you could more effectively market your products or services?

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