Monday Mash 11/4/2014 by Thirteen05

There’s a lot going on in the world of tech. Every day there’s something new about technology and how it affects our world. Here’s our round up of what you may have missed over the past week, and why we felt it was important.


That Drone Drone Drone Drone Drone

If you aren’t familiar with drones by now, chances are you will be soon. Drones are the Jetson’s version of the traditional remote controlled aircraft. But drones are taking what was once a hobby a step further by adding functionalities to better enhance our lives with conveniences like same-day delivery. It is actually illegal right now to sell footage of drone video. While the FTC works on trying to get a handle around what a drone can and can not do, it imposed a ban over stadiums, joining bans of being too close to buildings and in airport space. Mashable takes a look at some of the newest happenings around the flying craft.


Say Goodbye to the iPod

Apple nixed the iPod. Yep, the iPod, which revalutionalized the portable music industry. Remember back in the day when you’d carry your CD player with you and it would SKIP? Or your Walkman, that you could never, ever play a song right at the start with? Well, now the iPod has joined the ranks of the musically disposed. Find out why


Spring is in the air

Can you feel it? Well, probably not with the weather turning cooler as we barrel into Winter. But with Apple’s new announcement about the availability of the Apple Watch, it may feel like warm and fuzzy days are ahead. Find out when you can slap one on your wrist.


Magical Moments

It seems every day we get more and more news about all the bad crap that’s happening in the world. So we’d like to end this wrap up with some news that will inspire, break your heart, and hopefully spur you to support pediatric cancer research. #PlayFor22

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