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Sometimes, we hit an SEO rut. Especially for mature businesses, who have had SEO services for a while, it’s easy to wonder “what more could I do?” Maybe you have a site that already ranks high for relevant search terms, already has high organic traffic, and already has a high-quality PPC campaign. In short, maybe you own Amazon.

Never Run Out of Things to Do

SEO requires ongoing maintenance. Remember that your site is ranking and gaining traffic at the expense of other websites that do not rank as well. You better believe that if you stop SEO, your competitors will be right there to take back any traffic you took from them in the first place.

You cannot maintain, and you certainly can’t improve, SEO if you do not continue to devote the time, effort, and budget towards it. As with marketing in general, the more SEO gains you have, the more SEO you have to defend in terms of keyword rankings and territory.

Even for clients that have been with us for years, there’s always ways to improve their website and bring in more relevant traffic as well as increase ROI. If you dominate in one local area, time to start expanding to another. If many potential customers prefer buying in-store rather than online, perhaps it’s time to discover ways in which to encourage more online buys using better landing pages and search terms.

When in Doubt? Content, Content, Content!

A content marketer’s work in never done. You should continuously be adding valuable content to your site to better engage with visitors. Engaging content maintains search rankings. If you ever hit writer’s block, turn to your customers. What are questions you find customers asking you all the time? Do you have the answers to these on your website? If not, you know what to do!

SEO is Always Changing

Google is always updating its algorithm, and that alone can make your current SEO tactics and strategies successful one day and outdated the next. That alone should tell you that SEO is something you must constantly keep on top of. At thirteen05, we research constantly on new trends in SEO so that we don’t end up like many agencies, implementing years-old tactics that no longer work.


It’s great if you find that you can still drive tons of organic clicks to your site, but don’t rest on your laurels. Just one Google algorithm update can completely change the game, and if your competitors are keeping up more with their SEO, it could just end up costing you in the end.