Are Printed Materials Still Important? by Shawn

Ten years ago, quality print materials were the best form of advertising a business could do. Nice business cards, letter head, presentation folders, pretty much anything you could leave behind when visiting a prospect was important to have. But in today’s digital landscape, do you really need to spend the money on these things? The answer is: of course you do! In fact, it could be more important than ever.

These materials are more important than ever because people are skimping on them now and focusing on a large digital presence. Of course, having a large digital presence is good, but somebody must be on a device with your website or digital collateral open in order for them to be reminded of you. Whereas, with physical printed material, it is most likely sitting on their desk and therefore always in front of your target audience. This gives you a much better chance of leaving a lasting impression.

Building on the above point further, people don’t always want to have to go to a website to reference something you talked about. The fact is, some people still like the old-fashioned way of reading a brochure or having a proposal on printed paper to reference. Every potential client is different, and sometimes digital isn’t the best way to get across to them or make an impact.

Not only will having print materials help you appeal to a larger audience, they will also help to make your first impressions more impactful. With this reasoning in mind, we tactfully choose high quality materials and designs that stand out when printing business cards, brochures or anything else.

For example, our business cards are printed on 16pt stock with a silk laminate and spot UV. What this does is actually make our card the thickness of 19pt stock with a nice smooth finish and a gloss over the text. When we hand our card to someone, it feels and looks like quality in their hand. This instantly equates to a better first impression. Similarly, when printing brochures, choose something different from the typical trifold printed on magazine stock. Instead try a gate fold printed on card stock. I promise, the extra investment in the quality of materials you have printed will pay off in the long run.

The impressive effects and special little touches that can be done with printing these days is unbelievable – from spot UV and custom dye cutting to completely custom pieces that have moving parts or maybe assemble into something. Investing in quality print materials should always be included in your organization’s yearly budget.

You will hear people say print is dead or not to waste your money on that because it will just end up in the trash, but I believe quality print work it will never go out of style. So do yourself a favor; make an investment in your first impression by getting some quality print work done!

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