Why you need an SEO strategy
When it comes to creating a marketing strategy and beginning to implement specific tactics, having a proper plan of action in place is everything. You need to make sure this plan will help you achieve your main goals for the site, along with aligning with other people’s (your partners, co-workers, etc.) goals for the site.

So, where should you start?

Here comes the fun part. As a first step, put some pen to paper and establish your starting point, and what that will lead to, and then figure out what to do once that step is completed. Continue on until you’ve covered all the bases, creating a strategic map that outlines your every move that will take you closer to meeting your goals. Consider this your sketchpad, a safe place to jot down all of your ideas, every concept, and how they can relate to each other.

This document should be utilized as a living communication between you and your team or boss. This is your reference point before moving forward with or moving on to the next steps of your strategy, and a great way to keep all parties on the same page.

You should include things like:

– Industry details and the different channels where you can find your target audience
– Demographics, details about customer journey
– Competitor research
– Demand for product
– Organic search visibility and key terms you hope to rank for
– Keyword opportunities

Now that the really dirty work is done, it’s time to draft up your official strategy. This is like your game plan, where one step leads to the next, which leads to the next, and so on. Drum up your plan in a format that’s usable by the entire team, whether that’s a spreadsheet, a Google Doc, or something else.

Once that’s done, it’s time to put the plan in action. The question of where to start should (obviously) be settled at this point, but who is responsible for what? How much time is each team member expected to contribute every week? Do they have other responsibilities, or is improving your company site now their main focus.

You probably already know this, but it’s worth reminding: Good SEO is a MARATHON not a race. Immediate results just aren’t realistic. Don’t set yourself up for failure straight out of the gate by setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and your team. Good SEO takes time, but it’s worth it in the long run. You can expect to reap the benefits of your investment for years to come.