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Incognito Browsing

Web browsers, by default, have a a "cache", which is basically a memory of what you've seen. This cache is what builds your user history, and allows you to quickly jump back to pages you don't have bookmarked.

This cache is also what's sometimes responsible for showing web pages incorrectly. This comes about when your browser "remembers" what it saw previously and loads that version of the website instead of a freshly pulled copy of the site code. This can in turn lead you to see errors and think the web site is broken.

To combat this issue, you can use "Incognito" or "Private" mode. This setting is available for most all browsers and can be easily found with a quick Google search.






This mode will force your browser to visit web sites without using the cache, which means it must pull the site code fresh, thus allowing you to see the very latest version of the web page.

This is a very helpful method for viewing a web site while changes are being made.

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