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How To: Web Optimize Images


Optimizing images for web use might seem like an ethereal notion, but it's quite simply in nature.

Images are normally created for print purposes, meaning they are set to have 300ppi (pixels per inch). However, computer monitor can only display a maximum of 72ppi, so there's no need for the extra 228ppi to be contained within the image because both images will appear the same to the site viewer.

The quickest way to combat this issue is to run the images through an optimizer. We prefer because it's simple to use and produces excellent results.

Image pixel dimensions can also be optimized. If the image in question is only going to be used in a space which is 500px wide, there's no need to use an image that's 2300px wide. 

The best way to resolve this issue is to edit the image dimensions using Photoshop. If Photoshop isn't available to you, you can use

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