Types of Logos by Rich

Everyone knows you need a logo – but what kind? There are at least six different types of logos.

Wordmark Logos

The company or product name, stylized in a certain color, font, etc. (Coca-Cola, Disney, Tide)

Emblem Logos

Company or product name as part of a unique graphic representation (Starbucks, Harley-Davidson)

Pictorial/Brand Mark Logos

A stylized image that becomes recognizable as a representation of the company, product or service.

A subset of Pictorial Marks are Illustrated/Photo Realistic Marks

Logos like these usually adorn consumer goods usually found on the inner shelves of grocery stores and sports teams.

Abstract/Symbolic Logos

At most loosely based on anything real (Nike, Mercedes-Benz).

Letterform Logos

One or more letters represented in a unique graphical form to stand for the company, product or service (Unilever, GM)

Pictorial/Brand Marks, Abstract and Letterform Logos are largely interchangable in name and description.


So. What kind of logo are you looking for?

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