How to Seamlessly Use Keywords and Phrases Within Your Web Copy

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In the world of internet marketing, one term you are bound to come across is a keyword. What are keywords and why do we need to optimize them? It’s actually simpler than you think. In a nutshell, keyword optimization is just ensuring that the content on your website contains enough instances of your keywords, that is, the words and phrases you anticipate users to type into search engines to find your website.

For example, if you run a veterinary practice in Tampa, Florida, your keywords may be “veterinarian near me” or “Tampa vet.” There are many tools available that not only help you determine the best keywords and combinations to use for your business, but show you the number of times a keyword has been used. That way, you can see how many users search for particular terms, and make sure to include those same terms throughout the content on your website.

They key is incorporating these keywords into your website without it feeling forced, inauthentic, and out of context. When keyword optimization is done incorrectly, the result is just poor writing. Readers can and do notice when a content writer is writing for search engines and not for actual human users.

Do not try to include every keyword related to your business but do use those that make the most sense in context to what you are writing. If a reader is on your web page and sees the same, specific, words repeated throughout the content, he will deduce rather quickly that you are stuffing keywords.

Writing longer content for your website also allows you to use more keywords throughout multiple different pages without it seeming forced. Using the same 10 keywords in a page or blog post that is 300 words long is a lot more noticeable than one that is 1000 words long.

When writing longer content, remember to still make it useful to the reader. The internet if filled with unique content so it is up to you to add value to what you write. It will be tempting to write short articles, however, if you think harder you will realize that you have more to say on a particular subject than you originally believed. Google also favors longer content, so this will be an added benefit in search engine optimization.

The best way to include keywords and phrases without distracting your audience is to always remember that you are writing for HUMANS. Keyword optimization works best when you are thoughtful with the types of keywords you use and how you use them, and when you are committed to the message you are trying to communicate to those who visit your website.

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