Using Snapchat for Marketing by Thirteen05

Snapchat is crazily addicting. Who would have thought that sending short videos and pictures that I could DRAW on would be so satisfying. But it is.

It’s not only for drawing mustaches or palm trees on your pics. It could actually be a pretty powerful marketing tool to reach out to your audience in new ways.

Disney takes advantage of this pretty beautifully. Fans follow Disney on Snap Chat and Disney sends out flash messages about what’s happening behind the scenes, events, characters and sightings- it’s actually pretty exciting. I’m not going to lie, I get a little giddy when a Disney notification pops up….what awesome story will they whisk me along today?

Disney Holiday Marketing Snapchat
The fact is though, you don’t have to be a major brand to harness the power of Snapchat. If you have the right audience, it can be the perfect way to shoot out quick marketing messages that keep your customers with a constant desire to get more.

Having a sale? Snap a secret code.

Debuting a new product? Do a quick product reveal that hints at what the new product is.

Hire someone new? Introduce them via Snapchat.

I mean really, the possibilities are endless for using Snapchat for marketing. Put your Snapchat handle in your emails, on your other social channels, on your website. Use other social networks to promote your arrival on the medium. For example, give a discount using the word Snapchat on checkout. Send an email blast, letting people know that you’ll be sending out a snap with a secret code for a sale that only your Snap followers will receive.

So get snapping, get going, get drawing. Just go get!

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