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There’s more than one way to get a website done. Not all website designers are the same.
Here’s a comparison chart of thirteen05 creative to some others.

thirteen05 creative   Amateurs
Over 20 years of marketing experience   Yesterday, he was a mortgage broker
Award-winning design   Using your website as a learning tool
Experts on SEO   Site may not be search engine friendly
Follows best practices   Site may not function correctly, hard to update
Reliable and dependable   May disappear tomorrow
thirteen05 creative   Template (Cookie Cutter) or Do-It-Yourself Sites
Unique look fitting your business and personality   Choose from a limited selection of looks
Sites are search engine friendly   SEO is unknown
Specialized features supplied as needed   Special features unavailable
Expert help with content and copy writing   When it comes to content, you’re on your own
thirteen05 creative   Content Management Systems (CMS)
Fully customized look and structure   Look and structure of the site limited by the system
Pages appear as a fully integrated whole   Automated layout often makes pages look strange.
Search-engine friendly and SEO friendly sites   Often difficult or impossible to optimize
All content updateable   Only some content can be changed
thirteen05 creative   Yellow Pages Companies
Internet Marketing experts   Their business: Printing yellow pages books
Search engine friendly sites    Your site can only be found on THEIR site
Design by artists   Low wage designers churn out sites in hours
Host your site anywhere   Locked in to their over-priced hosting
thirteen05 creative   Overseas Companies
We speak your language   Communications difficulties
Fast turnaround   Delays due to time-zone differences
Understand American taste and expectations   Questionable familiarity with American needs & wants
Marketers and artists   Technically proficient only
thirteen05 creative   Graphic Artists / Print Designers
Internet design experts   Internet design know-how may be poor
SEO experts   Knowledge of SEO usually limited
Help with copy and content   You’re on your own on content and copy/font>
Designs serve marketing goals   Limited marketing know-how
Can service all marketing needs   Other vendors for other needs
thirteen05 creative   Brokers
All work done in-house   All work sub-contracted to others (usually overseas)
Communication maintained throughout project   Communication breakdowns common
Fast turnaround   Delays common due to time-zone differences
Client deadlines met with regularity   Sub-contractor priorities can introduce delays
Reliable   Results always uncertain
thirteen05 creative   Monthly Fee, Hosting and Content Provided Sites
Unique look to fit your business and personality   Choose from a limited selection of looks
Unique content personalized to your business   Anonymous. Hundreds of sites have same content
Search engine friendly sites get high rankings   Duplicate, provider-hosted content yields poor SEO
Clear and easy site navigation   Too many menu buttons confuse and lose visitors
You can use anyone you want for website hosting   Must be hosted by provider, cannot be moved
thirteen05 creative   Large Agencies
Single point of contact   Multiple contacts
Personal, high-interest service   Your project is one of dozens or hundreds
Reasonable prices   Projects priced for large businesses
Effective designs and content are routine   Marketing effectiveness chancy
All inclusive pricing   Extra charges common

Every website we create is hand-crafted from scratch. You get a unique, professional, attractive design that is suited to the business you are in, and to the personality of the business or its owner.

Every website we create is built using only widely used professional design tools like Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Your site can be worked on by others if needs be and can be hosted anywhere you like.

Every website we create is built to be search-engine friendly. People looking for you can find you. You’re on the road to high search engine rankings.

Every website we create is built to be "SEO friendly" Any further work needed to get you on the top of the rankings will be as easy as possible.