At thirteen05 creative, we love it when a plan comes together.

It means that we are that much closer to building another one of our award-winning websites. But, that planning process is a very important one because without it, we’d be practically walking around blind. That’s not good for our reputation, or for your sales.

When planning out a website, in-depth research is required before transitioning into the design process. Whether you are trying to convince others to invest in this online venture or simply planning it out for your own benefit, you can avoid a lot of problems and bumps along the way with an in-depth plan for your website.

There are three essential steps to planning out a client’s website:

1) The Interrogation: It’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Before we get started on your project, we need to ask some questions. After all, it’s your business and you have all the answers. We need stable communication to figure out what exactly you want out of this website and how we can best deliver that for you. Once we figure out what you know about your business, we can impart what we know about it. Then, we have the ability to set some prospective goals for your website design. The final part of this step involves taking a look at your competition and other businesses in your industry to see what we are going up against and how to get your company name in front of theirs.

2) The Game Plan: This is where we find out the nuts and bolts of what your site is going to consist of. What specific features are going to make your prospective customers choose your site instead of one of your competitors? How can we implement those features onto your website with it still remaining fully-functional and easy to use? Is the website going to have any e-commerce functionality or social media integration? How will the information on your site be implemented and structured? These are the answers we need to find to make sure that your site is going to be 100% operational and that the user experience is 100% satisfying and comfortable.

3) The Visualization: At this point, we conceptualize and create a visual layout of what the website will look like so that the client can approve or suggest any changes they would like to be made. After the client approves, we go full steam ahead and start to develop the website.

A comprehensive plan for building a website will take a lot of weight off of both ours and the client’s shoulders while preventing any unneeded problems during the design process.

If you want to get serious about planning out and moving forward with a new website for your company, don’t hesitate to give thirteen05 creative a call for a free consultation.