brochure design

Every business needs a logo. It doesn’t have to be fancy – it can just be your name, nicely done. Fortune 500 companies can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars developing a logo. You just need something you like, that properly represents you, that won’t be confused with other companies.

A logo design goes much farther than creating an image though, it’s about creating a tone and an identity. Each logo design for businesses large and small needs to embody that business and extend who they are.

As you use your logo it becomes associated with your company and becomes a part of your brand. In time, you can look at your logo with pride, knowing it is recognized widely by your customers and prospective customers. That it says something to them about what your company stands for – quality, speed, value – whatever makes your company go.

We sent a copy of the Messineo’s Gourmet Market, Inc. logo you redesigned to all different demographic groups to test the marketing response of the new design. All groups responded positively to the improved design, color scheme and clean lines of the revised logo as well as the shortened tagline. Thanks for your expertise and quick response time.” Messineo’s Gourmet Market, Inc.

Many professionals in marketing don’t understand that there are laws to how a logo should be designed. Like a logo has to work at many different sizes, large and small.  At thirteen05 creative we know how to make logos work – and to work for you.

Need a logo?  We can create one for you as a separate project, or as part of a larger project (website, marketing package, etc.).

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