High-Resolution, Impactful Vector Graphic Design for Your Business.

Vector graphics are not created with pixels like .jpeg and .png files; vector art consists of paths (or, you guessed it: vectors) that can easily be scaled without losing resolution.  Vectors have been used in the print industry for a number of years because they print so sharply, but as mobile devices and tablets reach higher and higher resolution, it’s becoming increasingly important that our images appear sharp on the web, as well.

Vectors are perfect for business cards, postcards, and flyers.

As previously mentioned, vectors are great for the printing brochurespostcards, and other print collateral because they print without becoming pixelated.  Color-matching is effortless when using vector art, adding yet another benefit to the use of vector art in print design.  The designers at thirteen05 have experience in brand development, so we are familiar with following strict corporate guidelines regarding company branding.

Vectors are becoming increasingly more important in web design.

Perhaps you have noticed, at times, when an image or logo on a mobile website appears blurry or pixelated.  Typically this is due to the fact that the image itself was not created with high-resolution mobile screens (such as Apple’s Retina display) in mind.  The solution to this issue is to use SVG (scalable vector graphic) files whenever applicable.  Using a .SVG file for you logo ensures that your logo will look sharp and crisp across all devices. SVG files are generally much smaller than .jpeg or .png files, so, as an added benefit of using vectors, the files load much faster, which will improve your website’s performance.