The answer to this question isn’t easily given. Many, many factors go into creating, managing, and updating websites, and all hold questions of their own. How user-friendly is it? Can I easily customize the site to suit my business? Do I have to obtain extensive prior technical knowledge to simply update text and photos?

Answering these questions can be much simpler with the right CMS.

The most known and most common CMS’s today include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ocPortal, and WebGUI, amongst many others. All have their ups and downs, yet one trend stands out: What’s the easiest to deal with? Luckily this question and the ones above lean more towards WordPress.

Widely used as the go-to blogging platform in the past, WordPress is now a full fledged Content Management System used by many agencies and professional web designer/developers around the world. Today, millions of websites are WordPress sites and for great reason.

Ease and simplicity with the user experience are where WordPress really shines, yet can be robust, functional, and beautifully customized by expert web designers, developers, and digital marketers alike. In addition to an easy to understand layout, WordPress hosts a massive community of “Plugins” that enable even more functionality. Security plugins such as Wordfence, E-Commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, and SEO Optimization such as Yoast are naming just a few. However it’s important to note that plugins aren’t a “fix all, do all” solution to WordPress sites, and should be carefully managed and monitored.

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