person browsing on a cellphone

Years ago…

companies would make two separate and different versions of their website for desktop and mobile, in order to cater to a user’s preferred device. That’s no longer necessary these days, as long as you build your website with a responsive design.

A website that is built responsively is one website that is viewable on all mobile devices, provided that the browser and operating system are still being supported and updated. That means that all of the great content that you have on a desktop site will essentially “respond” to the device screen size that a user is viewing it on which is a major boost for search engine rankings.

That doesn’t mean that the website is going to look exactly the same and it shouldn’t. Mobile and tablet users interact with a website differently than desktop users, so a mobile layout should be structured to the user’s habits and needs.

With the amount of new technology in the world, everyone, and we mean everyone, has more than one device. So why ignore that? The search engines sure aren’t. Google is penalizing websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, which will result in a drop in search engine rankings.

With current trends, not having a mobile-friendly website is simply offering a bad user experience to potential customers and no amount of search engine rankings and marketing can help that. Having a site that works well regardless of screen size make for a better and more consistent user experience and improves brand perception. One website for multiple platforms is also far easier to manage than multiple websites for each platform since having multiple versions of your site to manage and update can really become inefficient.

Trust us when we say that all websites benefit from a display that works well regardless of screen size and device. Due to the sheer amount of people who surf the web through their tablet or smartphone, this should be top priority for any business owner. Having a responsive web design for your company’s site is a feature that will really make a difference for your business.

All websites should be mobile-friendly but responsive isn’t the only option, find out what other options you have.