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We live in popular tourist destination, sunny Tampa Bay – a land of beautiful white sand beaches. It’s no surprise then that we have a lot of experience building websites for and marketing tour companies.

Some of our clients include:

Palmetto Carriage – the largest and oldest carriage company in Charleston.

Queen Fleet – Owners of two of the largest party fishing boats operating out of the Clearwater Beach marina – the Super Queen and the Gulf Queen.

Other clients include dolphin tours, food tours, bus tours, walking tours and the national carriage operator’s association. We’ve developed websites for companies that do parasailing, dolphin tours, sunset cruises, speedboat rides, alligator hunts, river cruises, pirate ships and host water-borne sweet-sixteen parties, from Washington to New York and California to Florida.

Not only do we design and build their websites. Many, like Banana Bay Tour Company – a Southwest Florida based dolphin and boat tour company, hire us to do ongoing Internet Marketing. We also design rack cards, menu ads and brochures, and assist them with their marketing strategies and email marketing.

But the foundation of almost all these companies is their websites.

With more than 8 years experience in the tourism industry, we know how to develop effective websites for the industry. We can develop for you:

  • A simple brochure site, to establish your online presence and inform potential buyers.
  • We can create a built-in reservation system, or integrate your website with a third-party reservation system.
  • We can build organic rankings for your site that send visitors to the site from all across the country who are looking for what you offer.
  • As Google Certified Partners, we can also establish and run a cost-effective AdWords or other click ad campaign, going to your new website – that can be turned up or down in volume to deal with seasonal and other variations.
  • Thirteen05 can be your entire marketing department. Call today to discuss your marketing goals.

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