Team Member

James Koncar

Internet Marketing/PPC Specialist

James began his career in Digital Marketing while he was completing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida. James reached out to many different YouTube content creators and offered them his services. He started by creating and running promoted Facebook and Twitter posts to grow the channels. This is when he figured out that he wanted to build a career out of internet advertising and SEO.

This “business” started as a way for him to make some extra money while he was in college, but within 4 months he was able to quit his full-time position in Jewelry Sales and support himself from this freelancing work.

After graduation, he decided that he wanted to slow down this work and join a team. That’s when he began with thirteen05 creative as their Internet Marketing/PPC Specialist. In this position, James was able to continue creating and managing PPC Ads and SEO, while taking on a larger variety of clients and being able to work as a team with their other staff.

He plans on staying with thirteen05 creative and growing his department to become a Director with Specialists working under him.