Team Member

Shawn Warmouth

Vice President / Sales

Upon graduating high school Shawn started chasing his dream to become a professional kiteboarder. He spent many years passing this sport along as an instructor for one of the most prestigious kite schools in the world, as well as traveling all over with some of the best riders on the planet. This opened many doors for Shawn and this is when his interest in marketing came about. “I started kiteboarding in 2003 and at that time you could hardly call it a sport. There were so many companies popping up everywhere and everybody is fighting for your business. It really made me start paying attention to their advertising and this is what led to my interest in marketing.”

After quite a few injuries Shawn returned home to Dunedin FL to begin his studies in marketing. He attended St. Petersburg College where he focused his studies on business. Shawn also began working as a brand ambassador for many national brands. This furthered solidified his drive to become a marketing professional. “I had the chance to work with quite a few national brands on many different occasions helping them design and implement national marketing campaigns. This has really helped steer me towards who I am as marketing professional today.”

At 23 Shawn started his own marketing company that exclusively dealt with small businesses. This company began to grow helping many small businesses in and around the Dunedin area. After a few months one of his clients offered him a full time job as their marketing and events coordinator. As the marketing and events coordinator he was responsible for all marketing campaigns.

After spending almost a year as the marketing and events director Shawn and Bill started talking and the move to thirteen05 creative was started. “I am very excited to be a part of this team; it’s a nice refreshing atmosphere at thirteen05. I feel like coming here was the next logical step in my marketing career.”

Shawn’s true passion is ABC’s smash hit, The Bachelor. He says his wife makes him watch it, but we all know better.