Why You Should Step Away by Thirteen05

During the workday, do you find yourself swamped and overwhelmed? Stressing about deadlines and feeling like there’s never enough time in the day? Instead of reaching for your favorite sugary snack or second cup of coffee, what if there was a better solution to being more productive and focused? Stepping away from your work and taking a break may seem like the complete opposite solution you’re looking for, but research seems to prove otherwise.

Taking more breaks throughout the day to do something you enjoy will make you a better and happier employee.

A common way to take a break and reenergize is by taking short walk outside a few times during the day. We know that exercising is good for our bodies, but it can be beneficial for our brains, too. There are hundreds of studies out there that show that people who exercise feel more confident, alert, and energetic –  compared to those who don’t get any exercise at all. This benefit can also spill over into your work day by adding a quick walk around the block with a coworker.

Another fun way to break through that afternoon slump, if your work allows, is to bring your dog to work. Pet friendly offices are becoming more prevalent throughout the country. Some of these companies include Amazon, Google, Etsy, and Proctor and Gamble just to name a few.

Here’s why this makes sense: It’s been proven that owning a pet can relieve stress, increase physical health and even promote a positive mood. Having your dog at the office forces you to take physical breaks throughout your day. This allows you to get up from your desk, get your blood pumping and then refocus on your tasks for the day. The dogs aren’t the only ones having fun, it can improve your overall work environment and help your coworkers get in on it too.

In today’s busy shuffle to and from your 9 to 5, leaving your desk to take a break can seem like a challenging feat. Constant emails and phone calls can make taking a short break feel like an impossible task, but find a way to make it work. Don’t make excuses or push it off, what do you have to lose?

Try stepping away once for a 10-minute walk while on your lunch break. See how you feel and if it helps your productivity and happiness throughout the day. I think you’ll be surprised at what you find.

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