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Internet Marketing is just as important as traditional media and marketing these days.  Pick up a newspaper, watch a TV commercial, listen to a thirty-second spot on your favorite radio station, all advertising drives potential customers to a website for more details.

Our brains are exposed to lots and lots of “noise” on a daily basis and it can get confusing.  Hundreds of companies and services are trying to get your attention on dozens of devices.  Network TV, cable, online websites, radio, digital billboards, satellite radio, streaming channels, phones, tablets, even wrist watches. It’s all just sensory overload.  And it can be overwhelming to any consumer.

So, how do you cut through all the media mayhem and get your company noticed?  Well, for a start, in Orlando, Florida you find an Internet Marketing agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), with a staff that has sales, marketing, branding, and online development expertise. One that knows how to position your business or service with engaging content that drives qualified users to your online website. Great content, combined with exciting website design and dynamic colors, plus the perfect online search positioning will help you reach more users that are interested in what you have to offer.

Orlando Internet Marketing Expertise

For nearly 25 years, thirteen05 Creative has been creating websites that are unique, easily navigated, and that generate results.  Our hands-on approach provides our clients with the perfect combination of internet marketing and design experience, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), specialized industry-focused, engaging content, sales, and branding know-how.

Our team has a lifetime of career experience in media, advertising, marketing, and of course, computer software, website development, technical, hardware and software applications.  In addition, we have worked consistently on Google AdWords, link building, social media marketing, and generating extensive search results for our clients.

Creating interesting content, using effective keywords, and designing actionable insights to encourage users to stay on your pages, offers you a longer period of time with which to convert potential consumers into actual customers.  Add an engaging and easy-to-navigate website design to the mix, and you have state-of-the-art looks, content, and functionalities.

Size Does Not Matter

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 corporation, a mom-and-pop shop, or a company or service provider somewhere in between, our thirteen05 team in Orlando can design a digital marketing campaign that will blow your competition away. 

Every business or service must have a website presence, no matter how big or small your company may be. And your website must be properly designed on a technical backend level, as well as appealing to the eye on an appearance and creative level, and it must be updated regularly with intelligently written, cohesive, spot-on sales driven content to keep it fresh and engage the user.

Functionality Plus Messaging

An uncluttered, highly functional website with well-written content is the most effective way to get the attention of your target audience.  Your traditional media advertising or marketing can drive potential customers to your website.  We design the website to keep them there….and keep them coming back again and again.

Thirteen05’s Internet Marketing program covers every single aspect necessary for your company to achieve online success.  From improved search engine rankings, to making sure that users can easily navigate the site, and finally to getting users to click on the “Enter” key to either contact you or to buy your product or service. We craft highly functional websites that tell your story, highlight your products, and generate results. Functionality plus Messaging!

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Award Winning Website Design

Websites are a dime a dozen.  Award winning websites?  Well, they’re a lot harder to come by.  They take time and talent, market savvy and a way with words. At thirteen05 Creative, we have what it takes to build dynamic websites…and we have the awards—and the satisfied clients—to prove it.

By combining vibrant, eye-popping imaging with the right “sell” words, our team of experienced internet and conventional advertising professionals can create an online sales tool that stands out from all the rest. We specialize in building unforgettable websites that not only look great, but that deliver the most powerful sales and marketing strategies on the web. And, although we’re happily located in beautiful, always sunny Florida, we have clients all over the country. From Pasadena, California to St. Louis, Missouri, from Hartford, Connecticut to Chicago, Illinois …and yes, to the entire state of Florida as well.

An Art...and a Science

Marketing is the art of telling your story.  The best marketing in the world today comes from companies that tell their stories well. They engage the listener, viewer, or reader. They emotionally connect with them or move them. They speak to a specific need, a desire, a longing. We craft content that is based on proven wording that sells, inspires, and motivates people to buy.  Content that “speaks” to them on a gut level. 

Content is a way to demonstrate what differentiates you and your business from others in the same field or industry.  The right keywords define your Brand, your Personality, and the Perception of quality, excellence, and experience that you project to the potential online client or customer. This is where the Art of language comes in.

Words, content, and complementary images that focus on:

  • The benefits of using your service or company
  • Service-related keywords that fill a potential customer’s needs
  • Laser targeting of a specific audience
  • Powerful concepts of your brand


Our clients range from doctor’s offices to adoption agencies, from commercial and residential asphalt paving companies to top-of-the-line med spas, from sports facilities to senior companion and homemaker services, from kitchen counter craftspeople to skilled nursing.

As for the Science, we not only build award-winning website designs and imaging, we also craft easy-to-use navigation tools so that users can quickly find what they are looking for. This way we eliminate the frustration potential customers can feel when they can’t navigate a site properly or quickly or when they can’t easily find the product or service they’re looking for.

Our team of website and software engineers construct search engine friendly sites that are specifically designed for easy changes, additions, and optimization.  We can even help you choose the best website address for your company so that it drives traffic directly to your site.

Whether you’re located somewhere in the state of Florida—where our company is based–or around the country, the Orlando thirteen05 Creative team can provide you with a user experience that keeps customers coming back again and again.

It’s a Collaboration

At thirteen05 Creative, we believe in collaborating with our clients.  You know all the ins and outs of your business.  You understand your sales cycles, you know the answers to customer questions, you know who your target consumer is.  That’s why we ask you to join us on this website creation journey.

Your input, your feedback and approval are requested every step of the way.  You tell us about your company, your products, your services, and even about your business problems. We listen, take notes, ask questions, come up with a strategy, then build the website to reflect your ideas, your overall brand, and your vision of what your website should look like and what you want it to accomplish.

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What Does It Mean That Thirteen05 Creative is a Google Partner?

The Google Partners Program is a certification initiative designed for advertising and internet marketing agencies that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of their clients. It offers our computer technicians training, support, and resources to allow us to set our clients up for successful online visibility and growth.

According to Google, to qualify for the Partners Program:

“Your Google Partners account needs to have a minimum of 50% of your company’s account strategists and technicians certified in Google Ads, at least one certification in each product area, for example Search, Display, Video, Shopping, or Apps.”

The members of our technical staff have all passed the certification process of the Google Partners Program.  In addition to certifying that our team of technicians is highly qualified and up to date with the latest and greatest technical knowledge, the program offers strategic benefits focused on continuing education and insights, access and support, recognition, and rewards. 

This program is a huge benefit to our clients.  It ensures you that by maintaining our cutting edge on technology through innovative tools, resources, training, and support, the thirteen05 staff is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Google Ads campaigns.  More click-thrus, more page views, a greater number of users, equal more positive results.

Website Hosting and Maintenance Services

At thirteen05, we offer full-service digital strategies and marketing services, including website design and development, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), internet advertising and marketing, branding, print collateral design, website hosting and maintenance services, and reputation management.

It takes an experienced agency to keep your website secure and constantly updated.  And it takes a team of highly qualified software and website developers, and talented marketing experts to provide you with quick turnarounds, on-point content, and worry-free support.

Effective websites are those that are regularly updated to reflect changes in services, prices, or products. They stay fresh, both in content and functionality.  They are easy to navigate and provide users with a safe, secure environment. 

We pride ourselves in hosting and maintaining websites that reflect your business goals, the “personality” and “feel” of your business, services, and company personnel.  Our server support and website development staff make sure that our technology and content management systems constantly expand and evolve to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of the Internet world.


At thirteen05 Creative, we offer our clients high quality hosting services on our U.S. based servers in Los Angeles, Miami, and Phoenix. Our servers are reliable, extremely secure, and offer fast connections.

Hosting is offered as an inexpensive addition to maintenance contracts so that you can find everything you need in one place.  And we provide you with all our hosting information so that you can take control of your site at any time. If your website is currently hosted elsewhere, we will handle the move to our server at no extra charge in most cases. 

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Our website team monitors our clients for Google error notifications, malware, or any malicious codes or viruses.  We check for software security issues, updates, site speed and spam. And we focus on the often forgotten, day-to-day check-up tasks that can be easily overlooked, but are totally necessary.

In addition, we make it easy for you to inform us about content changes, updates, new images, staff additions/deletions, or edits.  Our Hosting and Management program includes either 30 minutes or 1 hour of edits to your site per month. And to streamline requests for changes or support, you can simply submit your request through our ticketing system located at www.thirteen05.com/support.  Our team will make your changes within 5 business days or faster. Emergencies are handled within 24 hours.

Maintenance clients pay a lower hourly rate for hourly work projects.  Your monthly maintenance agreement includes:

  • Tech support: 8AM-5PM weekdays and almost any other time in case of emergency
  • Content Updates: Upon request, our team will update your site with provided content, including the creation of new pages
  • Software Updates: Installing software updates used in the construction or operation of your website, including WordPress, Miva Merchant or other software solutions. Handling of issues arising from the updates will be billable if time exceeds that included in your contract
  • Monthly Maintenance:  We follow a monthly checklist to ensure your website remains functional and is fully protected against hackers. We do daily backups of the websites we host, and monthly backups of all sites we maintain


Our Hosting and Maintenance services are reliable, fast, and affordable. After all, our company’s success depends on us helping to make your company successful.

Your Internet Presence

Organic search listings, the ones that show up below the ads and maps in an online search, are proof of effective optimization of your brand within the search engine.  When your site shows up on the first search page, that means that Google is convinced that your website is not only relevant, but it’s also doing a thorough job of covering the topic at hand–and it means we’re doing our job.

Call the Orlando Internet Marketing Professionals

Need help?  We can provide unmatched expertise in:

  • Idea Generation for the Look and Feel of Your Site
  • Refining and/or Defining Your Company Branding
  • Content Development Ideas
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Paid Social Media
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Ads
  • And More


With years of career experience in business management, computer software, back-end technical configurations, media start-ups, sales, advertising, branding, and marketing, our thirteen05 team has had many successes in increasing our clients’ customer base and expanding their online visibility.  Won’t you let us help you?

If you succeed, we succeed.

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