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At Thirteen05 Creative, we provide fast and reliable website hosting & maintenance services that ensure your website remains online, accessible, and fully functional. We offer 24/7 dedicated support from our headquarters in Tampa, FL. Contact us today for a free quote.

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It takes an experienced agency to keep your site secure and online

And it takes a team of highly qualified server administrators, programmers, and web developers to keep your website up to date and fully functional, which is exactly what you receive when you work with our team at Thirteen05 Creative.

At Thirteen05 Creative, we provide professionally managed hosting and maintenance solutions from our headquarters in Tampa, Florida. With over 20 years of experience hosting and maintaining websites for clients of all sizes, we have what it takes to keep your website up and running. With our lightning fast hosting and dedicated support team in your corner, you can focus on growing your website while our hosting and maintenance team ensures that your website is running smoothly. From troubleshooting errors to updating your software, we strive to keep your website healthy and happy — that’s a guarantee.

Tampa Web Hosting
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Web Hosting In Tampa, Florida

Our website hosting services offer the digital facilities on which our clients can maintain their website, making it readily available to online users. We can ensure our clients’ unmatched security, speed, and increased versatility. And our hosting facilities include disk space, bandwidth, backups, domain registration, and 24/7 customer service representatives. We’ll also take responsibility for server maintenance, keeping the software and hardware up to date, troubleshooting, virus and malware protection, and more.

At Thirteen05 Creative, we offer our clients high quality hosting services on our U.S.-based servers in Los Angeles, Miami, and Phoenix. Our servers are reliable, extremely secure, and offer fast connections—a must in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Whether you need a dedicated server, half a server, or a shared hosting environment, we can provide exactly what you need. Contact us today and our team will evaluate your needs and recommend our web hosting solution that ensures your website loads quickly and securely for all of your visitors.

hosting your website with us

We ensure you have the following services available:

Domain name

The online address or URL users type into their browsers to visit your company website. We can help you choose a .com domain to establish your credibility as a viable company and register it so that it cannot be used by other companies.

SSL certificate

This digital certificate encrypts the connection between your company website and the user’s browser, preventing hackers from accessing it.


The amount of data transmitted from one place to another over an internet connection in a given amount of time. Bandwidth is often mistaken for internet speed. It's actually the quantity of information that can be sent over a connection in a measured amount of time or megabytes per minute. The higher the megabytes, the quicker the information can be accessed by internet users.

Our website hosting service is offered as an inexpensive addition to web maintenance contracts so you can have all the services you need in one place.

We provide you with all your hosting information so you can take control of your site at any time. If your website is currently hosted elsewhere, we will handle the migration to our server at no extra charge in most cases.

" I'm delighted to recommend 1305 Creative for both website design and website hosting/ongoing maintenance. I've worked with them for several years on multiple projects in different industries, and have been thoroughly pleased beyond measure with their efforts. Their design team is quick to learn and understand your mission and can interpret it creatively with adept skill. Collaboration is easily facilitated, and they won't be happy with the end result unless you are. Ongoing hosting and maintenance has been remarkably smooth sailing and they are "Johnny on the Spot" when it comes to fixing errors, even when I have made them myself. To say this group is venerable is an understatement. It's a cohesive team led by Rich Byrd who has surrounded himself with strong, skilled players. 1305 Creative works with many different industries and will learn yours if they haven't worked in it already. Call them - you'll be glad you did. "

Website Maintenance In Tampa, Florida

Website maintenance keeps your site fully operational and healthy. It ensures that all your backend code is up to date and secure. Many company websites look great, but they fail to receive important software updates so they may slow down, freeze, or become unsecure, leaving them vulnerable to cyberattacks and creating issues for visitors that are trying to reach them. Over time, this can lead to serious problems. You can host your site with us, but if your site isn’t being properly maintained, then issues are going to follow. And issues can result in lost clients and lost revenue, which is why we strongly recommend our maintenance services to all of our hosting clients.

Our team of highly experienced professionals constantly monitor the websites of all of our clients, regularly scanning for errors, malware, viruses, and malicious code. We check for software security issues, keep an eye on site speed, and actively work to thwart spammers. With our team maintaining your website, you can rest assured that your site is properly maintained. We are hosting experts with decades of experience. Contact us today to learn more about our Tampa website maintenance solutions.

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Tech support

We provide 24/7 technical support for emergencies. For non-emergency support, our team is available Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EST). If your website breaks, our rapid response team will repair it right away, minimizing downtime and ensuring that your website is back online and fully functional.

Content Updates

Upon request, our team will update your site with provided content, including the creation of new pages. This way, you can keep your site up to date without having to worry about accidentally breaking it. We make updating your website easy.

Software Updates

Installing software updates used in the construction or operation of your website, including WordPress, Miva Merchant or other software solutions. Handling of issues arising from the updates will be billable if time exceeds that included in your contract.

Monthly Maintenance

We follow a monthly checklist to ensure that your website remains functional and is fully protected against hackers. We generate daily backups for all of the websites that we host and monthly backups for all of the websites that we maintain.

We make it easy for you to inform us about content changes, updates, new images, staff additions/deletions, or edits.

Our Hosting and Management program includes either 30 minutes or 1 hour of edits to your site per month. To streamline requests for changes or support, you can submit your request through our Help Desk.  Our team will make your changes within 5 business days (but it’s usually much faster). Emergencies are handled within 24 hours.

Our Hosting and Maintenance services are reliable, fast, and affordable. our company success depends on helping make your company successful.

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