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Reputation Management

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With our done-for-you service, reputation management has never been easier or more effective!

One bad review.  That’s all it takes in today’s Social Media world.  One bad review.  It can ruin your company’s reputation management.  It can tarnish the brand you’ve worked so hard to build over many years.  It can quite literally point customers in the direction of another company with the same products, the same pricing, the same services, in the same geographic area.

Facebook.  Twitter.  Instagram.  Linkedin.  Every single one of these social media sites can destroy your business with one bad review.  A negative comment.  A criticism. That’s why you need the expertise of Thirteen05 Creative.

At thirteen05, we pride ourselves in bringing together a team of online digital media specialists, website builders, software creators, copywriting experts, and sales leaders so that we can help you and your company with your online marketing strategies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), hosting and maintenance, keyword infused content, IT strategies, and Reputation Management.


Simply put, Reputation Management is a process by which we can monitor and carefully influence user perceptions, online conversations and posts, response to reputation threats, and proactively seize opportunities to boost your company’s reputation and enhance your online presence.  It is the process of controlling, augmenting, and illuminating how your company—your brand—is being perceived by potential customers or clients.  As we say in the media world:  “Perception is Reality!”

Reputation Management takes constant vigilance, total concentration, and in-depth knowledge of which sites bad reviews and comments can be posted on, how and where rumors are spread and sometimes, even who’s spreading them.

Who Has Time to Monitor Your Website 24/7?

It has become increasingly difficult for many companies to protect their own online image.  It’s almost impossible to hire one or two in-house employees whose only job is to be online 24 hours a day looking for bad reviews about your company.  And frankly, it’s usually a waste of time, manpower, and salaries.

Disgruntled employees, employees fired for cause, competitors, every single one of these people can post a false bad review.  And until you start losing business or hearing from a potential customer that they’ve read about your “issues”, you might never even know they exist.  

That’s where we come in.


It takes a team of proven digital professionals to get your company name on the first page of a Google Search list. Most people, in fact 90% of online users, won’t look past the first page of search results when they’re looking for a listing.  Our job is to get your company name on that first page.

Whether we’re protecting your company’s reputation or making sure that we have enough applicable keywords to come up in online searches, our Reputation Management team will constantly monitor:

  1. Any duplicate company names or service brands
  2. Potential customer engagement numbers
  3. Disputed company names or brands
  4. Bad reviews, articles, court documents, etc.
  5. Good reviews, comments, articles, etc.
  6. First page search listings

On The Job 24/7

We understand that sometimes human error just can’t be helped. It can unfortunately be responsible for bad reviews or complaints slipping through the cracks. At thirteen05, our team of experienced digital media professionals utilizes state-of-the-art software tools and algorithms that can be programmed specifically to pinpoint bad reviews, comments, or complaints about your company or services.

Finding these negative posts as quickly as possible is extremely important.  The faster you discover and then address them, the faster you can move on to repairing any damage these criticisms may have done.  Whether it’s taking the posts down, giving an online retort, or responding directly to the person posting them, your company’s reputation is at stake 24/7.

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" Awesome experience! We worked with Thirteen05 to redesign our website that was badly in need of a makeover. Rich, Shawn, Dave and the rest of the team were fantastic to work with. They did a phenomenal job with our website. Within a few months after launch, our bounce rate dropped by 20%! Would highly recommend this company. "

Almost Instant Online Reputation Access

Social media along with almost instant access to company websites via the Internet have made it possible to address your potential customers or clients with your products and services with nearly flawless accuracy. They are also an extremely fast way for disgruntled users to harm a company’s reputation and brand quickly and easily.

In conjunction with the high-tech software programs our team uses, we can collect data almost instantaneously.  We can track negative comments, feedback or court documents across dozens of social media sites or other online platforms.  And we can do it every hour of every single day, 365 days a year.

Conversely, we can help you find good reviews and comments that you can use or respond to.  We’ll see what’s working and what’s not.  Marketing is part art, part science.  We can help you perfect your online marketing strategies, refining the art and science so that they flawlessly work together to address what customers are looking for when they log onto your website. 

We can find company product or service mentions, collect brand data to see just how well your company’s strategies are working. And we can make sure that you are getting the best ROI possible.  That’s Reputation Management.

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Let’s Clean Up Your Website

Is your content current or terribly outdated?  Does it refer to products and services that you no longer provide?  Are the photos current, fresh, and totally applicable to what you have to offer?  

Reputation Management is a way to ensure that your website looks and “feels” fresh and new at all times.  It’s a way for us to monitor when your content needs to be refreshed, when new photos would enhance the content, if all the contact information is correct. It’s a way for us to manage your company’s reputation.

Old looking photos or website colors that just don’t fit the product, outdated information, boring content, or content that doesn’t “sizzle” can all hurt your brand.  Your reputation should be built on the public’s perception of your company.  And that perception can be created with a dynamic, headline-grabbing, content-wowing, color-complementing, website.

Catching any articles or press releases about your company is on the list of things to do as well.  You want to keep the “news” pertinent.  Articles in the media or trade magazines about your company that are a week or a month old will certainly have more impact than anything published last year or the year before.

Our thirteen05 team uses a digital fine-toothed comb app to find and then determine when content needs a refresh, what website colors are considered old-fashioned, when photos need updating.  It’s all a part of keeping your company’s reputation relevant and on point.  That’s our job and we do it really well.

Google Is Fussy

When a potential customer or client is searching the Internet for your particular product or service, Google algorithms are programmed to weed out old news, outdated articles, lack of keywords, and instead, get the user the most current information they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Reputation Management is the perfect way to keep your Google search protocols in tiptop shape.  You don’t want your company search results slowing down, going to the end of the search list, or not appearing at all.  You want to be noticed.  

By regularly checking on the numbers and data behind your website, we can help to catch any negative comments or bad reviews, control the narrative about your company, address other issues before they’ve done damage to your reputation and brand, and continually position your company so that it gets excellent Google My Business ratings.  Great GMB ratings translate into sales.

Google is fussy about their protocols… but so are we!

Connecting With Social Media Users

Customer Service. It’s as essential on social media as it is on the phone. People make comments and don’t always expect an answer. What if you reply? What if you address their concerns? Imagine their surprise if you proactively respond with a solution to their issue with your company? Imagine if you thank them for a great review? Talk about Customer Service!

Connecting with Social Media users is just as necessary for your business as answering their questions and concerns on the phone or in person. With our Reputation Management program, we can provide you with the information you need to effectively reach out to unhappy customers by finding them in the first place. We can also give you the data needed to make changes in your brand marketing or traditional and online advertising strategies by pointing out flaws or missing pieces, incorrect use of words or phrases.  We can help with key advertising, marketing, and “sell” words.  We can ascertain your target customer’s demographics and determine your designated geographic service areas. It’s all available through the thirteen05 Creative Reputation Management program.

Your company’s reputation is probably one of your most important assets.  It can make or break your company.  It directly influences decisions made by everyone your company encounters, whether it’s online, social media, or traditional advertising or marketing.

With state-of-the-art applications and a professional staff of digital experts, thirteen05 Creative can assist you in building and maintaining your reputation. Give us a call today and find out why our Reputation Management program is second to none.

reliable, fast, and affordable

After all, our company’s success depends on helping to make your company successful.

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