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You must be a good storyteller in order to be a great content marketer. The two go hand in hand. Successfully brands are those that create a story, a story so pervasive it makes a lasting impression. How can you creative such narratives?

By now, most people recognize that when it comes to internet marketing, content is king. However, it’s extremely important that you not fall into the trap of creating content just for content’s sake, and create your work in a way that is engaging to your audience. No one wants to read boring, soulless content that was clearly created just to improve Google search rankings.

However, telling a good story is not the end all be all of building a successful brand. It is also not intended to just be a tool for selling your product or service. Storytelling is an essential method of fostering a strong relationship with your customers, building loyalty over time.

You should be thinking about the story and narrative behind everything you do as a brand. What do you stand for? What makes your product or service a solution to a problem? Think of ways you can get these kinds of stories into your content instead of simply listing facts and figures.

Think about the “voice” of your brand and how you can use that in your content to better connect with your audience. Is your brand supposed to produce a fun-loving and care-free experience for a customer who doesn’t take himself too seriously? Or does your brand promote a more elegant and sophisticated atmosphere? Whatever the case, you should be using language in your content to reflect your intended image.

People don’t like to feel like they’re being sold to, even if they are. So that your content isn’t always completely about the brand, it helps to create content in a more demand generated context. These will show that your business is current on the latest trends and events, but of course you must do this in a way that seems genuine.

Good stories compel others to think about the way they feel, the way they act, to think about what they believe in, and especially with internet marketing, to think about the way they behave. As content writers, we must examine what makes people want to read and share a story, and use that knowledge to create better stories within our content.

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