Marketing Means Communication

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To many people marketing is a mysterious thing. I think marketing professionals sometimes foster that idea. After all, if we are the keepers of secrets, you have to come to us for answers.
But the fundamental of marketing is very simple. It’s all about communication.
That’s all.
You are attempting to communicate in bulk, to potential buyers of your products or services, and you are doing so normally in a situation where you aren’t talking live to them.
The difficulties really come from these two factors. You’re talking to more than one person, so you are trying to craft a communication that reaches as many people as possible. And when I say “reach” I don’t just mean, they are in the same room as your communication. I mean they receive, understand, “get it.”
Since you aren’t talking to them live, you can’t see their reaction, you can’t receive their questions… .you have to anticipate what will happen at their end and deal with it so as to create the ultimate desired response – such as an interested phone call from a qualified prospect.
And that’s marketing.

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