If your business is waiting to be noticed, you have a problem. Probably the biggest thing business owners struggle with in getting effective marketing, is IMPACT. Marketing – any marketing – to be effective, must have an impact. Otherwise no one even notices you communicating. Like a shy child. “Oh Johnny, sorry, I didn’t see… Read More »

I’m In A Bad Mood

Actually, I’m not. I’m quite cheerful today. We use these terms all the time “good mood” and “bad mood.” Does this have anything to do with marketing? Would I be talking about it if it didn’t? The truth is, it is a subject of immense importance, that is largely ignored by marketers. This is a… Read More »

Brand Dissonance

Here’s an important, but rarely used marketing term: “Brand Dissonance.”  There are only 2000 references in Google. It is the all-too-common practice of doing things that conflict with each other. Result: conflicting pictures of a brand. If you are a Global Cyber-Security firm, advertising in primary colors would be an example of Brand Dissonance. Primary… Read More »

Get Out of That Rut

We are about to head into 2019 and I’m sure vast numbers of you are making plans for the new year. That’s a good thing. If you don’t plan the future, chances are what happens won’t be to your liking. So how to go about planning your MARKETING for 2019? If you are currently rapidly… Read More »


Amateurs is a dirty word around here. We aren’t perfect but we are professionals and try to do everything we do in a high-quality and professional manner. It is an unfortunate thing that our industry, websites and online marketing, is overrun with individuals and companies pretending to be experts.  Judging by the work they turn… Read More »

Everybody Knows You Need A Website

Everyone knows they need a website. It also needs to be a GOOD website, one that does the job you want it to do – to create the right impression on potential customers and help you get more business.  But what makes a website good or bad? One of the big problems is, so many people… Read More »

Setting 2018 SEO Goals for Your Business

The new year is here, and optimism is at its peak as everyone turns to setting goals for self-improvement. Besides personal resolutions like “exercising more” or “traveling more,” you should really think about laying out some New Year’s resolutions for your business as well. Now is the best time to reflect on your business’s progress… Read More »

To Blog or Not to Blog

That is the question, isn’t it? Clearly if you are reading this you know my answer. I often find myself struggling to find a topic to write about when my turn comes around in our rotation. There is always something that seems more important and needs my attention. So inevitably I begin to wonder is… Read More »

To CRM, or not to CRM?

The subject of using a CRM comes up quite frequently when discussing the construction of a website. For those of you who aren’t aware, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management or Customer Resource Management. In layman’s terms, this simply means how you communicate with your customer list or how you manage your customer list. When… Read More »

Considering Your Competition

Marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is the height of folly to try and market something without studying the environment into which you are trying to market. Your competition is a big part of that environment. There is always competition. I don’t care how unique your product is, you are at least competing for… Read More »

Know Your Market

If you need or want more new customers, just about the first thing you need to know is: who are my customers? Usually, the easiest new customers to get are the people who are a lot like the ones you already have. The reasons aren’t hard to find. If your customers are mainly 65-year-old tennis… Read More »