A/B & Multivariate Testing

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With the seemingly endless things to test in your marketing, let’s talk about two really beneficial methods of optimization: A/B tests and Multivariate tests.

What is the difference between an A/B Test and a Multivariate Test?

To perform an A/B test, two versions of a web page are created and the traffic is split evenly between each page. It is recommended you create more versions if you can, performing an A/B/C or even an A/B/C/D test, which can reveal how certain changes affect visitors. It’s the most beneficial to you to make each version radically different than the next.

Multivariate tests are for testing more subtle changes. A multivariate test gives you an idea of which elements on a web page play the biggest role in achieving whatever objective that page is trying to achieve (eg. Enticing a visitor to buy a product). This involves testing multiple variables and how they interact with one another. Examples of testing different variables could be testing text and visual elements on a webpage together or testing the text and color of a Call to Action together.

Should I use an A/B Test or a Multivariate Test?

A/B testing is great for getting meaningful results fast. Because the different versions of web pages are so distinct, it is easier to tell which page is most effective. This method is also better suited if you don’t have a huge volume of traffic to your site, but still a substantial amount. Multivariate tests are more complicated and best suited for more advanced marketing teams. This type of test is more beneficial to highly trafficked sites to get meaningful results. Highly trafficked sites can still use A/B testing though, especially if testing new designs or layouts. Multivariate testing helps understand how certain elements of your web page interact with one another so that you can slowly improve and build upon an existing design.


At thirteen05 creative, we know web design. We use our knowledge and expertise to choose the correct tests for your business, so that you get the most useful results. With the right visitor and user data, we discover detailed insights into the behavior of your consumers which can lead to significant conversion gains for your business. Let us optimize your website today!

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