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First Impressions Make All the Difference when it comes to your website

At thirteen05 Creative, we’ve been designing websites with eye-catching, business-building, custom-designed first impressions since 1999.  That’s a long time to build our portfolio of satisfied clients.

As a full-service creative and web design agency, thirteen05 provides in-depth strategies for businesses around the country.  We design, we develop, then we produce award-winning websites and other collateral that works wonders for local and national companies, doctor’s offices, parks, concert venues, restaurants, home cleaning services, as well as a multitude of other organizations and businesses.  

At thirteen05, we help to build your brand and market your business by making sure that every word of content creates a memorable first impression for your potential customers, clients, or patients. Our content creates a foundation on which we build upon, step-by-step, to deliver our clients the perfect digital experience.

Let’s explore what thirteen05 Creative can offer you:

Website design

It’s part Art, part Science, part Creativity, part Market Savvy.  Our staff of highly experienced software, tech, content, marketing, and branding professionals, believe that building a website takes the collaboration of many talented people.  We take pride in our work, and we have the satisfied clients to prove it.

Our award-winning design company delivers high quality Websites, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and numerous other Marketing and Branding Services to all types of businesses or service companies in Sarasota, across the state of Florida and around the U.S.A.

Our expertise is reflected in the proficiencies of our staff members who come from many different areas of the business world. And their experiences are reflected in our work.  From software developers to public relations, marketing, and branding experts, from published writers to backgrounds in sales to startup company launches, our staff includes professionals from all walks of life. We’ve gathered together a team of specialists so that you can utilize them to help you reach your business and revenue targets as quickly as possible.

Web Hosting & Maintenance
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principles of good website design

The initial steps to web design include getting a thorough understanding of how we can help you achieve your company’s goals.  Once we get the picture, we map out a clear description of who you are and how to get that message across to online users. We then determine how your potential customers or clients will know exactly what you do or what your product is the moment they log onto your website.  They should never have to investigate or navigate around your site to find what they’re looking for.

At that point, we start the process of implementing our principles of good website design:


Our content writers have been invited to publish articles in trade magazines, national and regional newspapers, as well as on hundreds of websites. They understand the importance of “keywords” and “sell-words”. And they use their words creatively and powerfully to paint a picture that draws the user in, engages them on an emotional level. Sometimes humorous or tongue in cheek words work. Sometimes, in-depth information pulls the user in. And sometimes words that pull at the emotions does the job.


What good is a nice-looking, dynamic website if it’s hard to find what you’re looking for? If you can’t easily and quickly access information about the product you need? Inept usability is the quickest way to lose potential customers for good. Our team understands this concept and makes sure that users can easily navigate around your site. Tabs, click-thrus, links: these are all tools that increase the ease of usability and website navigation.


We all know when something looks good because it makes us feel good too. It opens us up to ideas or suggestions. A well-crafted, appropriately color- infused website puts out positive vibes that users react to on a gut level. In a good way. They have more confidence in your company, your products, or services. They feel comfortable dealing with your company.


We are certified Google Partners. The Google Partner program empowers partners like us with tools, technology, and support so we can put customers first and move our businesses forward, together. It’s “designed for advertising agencies that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses.” That means that most of our clients’ websites are ranked by Google in the top Search listings because we have been given all the up-to-date tools, software, and ranking protocols to make our clients’ visible.

Interaction & Communication

We make sure that your potential customers and clients can efficiently and effectively communicate their needs to your service reps or salespeople. By building a truly interactive website, we can help you to form a real connection with your online users. Offering content that’s amusing, collaborative, and engaging is the essential objective of an interactive website. The more you build a personal link, the more engaged the user becomes, the more likely you’ll convert them to a buyer, and the more likely they will return to your website again and again. We customize live or automated chat, we design inquiry templates, and of course, we offer many ways to communicate with your staff. Interaction is key.

Our Company Goal

Our goal is to design websites that stand out from all the rest, that are appealing to the eye, and that provide dynamic marketing tools and keywords so that Internet users can easily find your site and stay on it longer.  Our highly-qualified team of web design specialists, content writers, marketing, and branding experts, work together as a team to meet—and exceed—your expectations.  We build brands.  We build your rankings.  We build your business ROI.

Trying to grow your business?

The thirteen05 Creative team can give you constructive guidance and advice on how to maintain and surpass your current company goals with the help of a professionally developed and sales focused website design.  With years of hands-on experience in business management, business start-ups, advertising sales, branding, and marketing, we have had many successes in increasing our clients’ customer base and expanding their online visibility.  We build connections.  And connections equal success. If you succeed, we succeed.

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