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Belleville Dental Case Study

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The client

Belleville Dental is a small dental practice in Illinois across the river from St. Louis. Our long-term client Kingston Dental had purchased the practice with the intention of expanding it. This quickly encompassed all three of our main services – Hosting & Maintenance, Website Development, and Internet Marketing.

When we were given the challenge, the practice had a website that was supplied by a company that specialized in websites for dental practices. They had a large amount of content – articles on different aspects and services of dentistry. The previous owners had chosen a design from pre-existing designs and selected content from the available library.


There were several serious issues, starting with the fact tha they didn't actually own their website. Basically they were renting it on a monthly basis.

Because the content was almost completely duplicated from probably hundreds of other sites, amongst other factors, they ranked poorly in search engines and had few visitors to their site,and the key statistic of New Patients was near zero.

Trying to do anything with their situation was inhibited by being locked into their hosting platform - not user friendly - as well as their content.


The first thing we had to do was build them a new website as we weren't going to get anywhere marketing them with their existing site. This we did, providing a simple but functional, appropriate and good looking design and working with the client on content (as all new content was needed). The site was built in WordPress which made updates to the site easy and which is user friendly to Search Engine Optimization.


The new site could not be hosted on their existing hosting. Handling this involved working with the client and their existing provider to take control of their domain, setting up a moderately priced shared hosting account on one of our servers, then launching the new site there.


All this was just preliminary as we could now start working seriously on marketing their website. We Had been gathering information for this and doing some Off-site work that could be done, especially establishing their Google My Business (now Google Business Profile) listing. We saw traffic volume to the site rising steadily as we continued to work on optimizing the site, their local listings and starting a low budget Google Ads campaign.

As with all our clients we view their digital marketing as an organic whole in which one element enlightens and contributes to others. Using Google Analytics as a key tool in this, we were able to determine changes that were needed in content, Google Ads, SEO and Google My Business profile.


Over the next 3 years we saw the traffic volume continue to increase and by now it has more than tripled their new user traffic and appointments. Pleased with this, the client contacted us to do the same with their other two small Dental practices. We also recently rebuilt all 3 of these websites in 2023 to upgrade it further to keep up with the modern internet. We continue to adapt their strategy as their client base grows.

Sheila Jindela, Marketing Manager for Kingston Dental, had this to say: “As someone who has to market for multiple dental practices in various locations, Thirteen 05 Creative has made my job much easier. They have helped expand our marketing efforts in areas that are already heavily saturated with dental practices. Their marketing knowledge far exceeds other marketing companies I have dealt with in the past and we see continued improvement every month in our rankings. They’re excellent at troubleshooting and making sure I get the best results!

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