Facebook Spins A More Complex Web With Graph Search

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Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind Facebook, announced to the world a brand-new feature for Facebook users that will be coming very soon. Called “Graph Search”, Facebook users will be able to find even more connections between themselves and their friends and the friends of their friends and the friends of their friend’s friends and the friends of their friend’s friend’s friends.
Facebook engancha
You get the point.
Users will be able to search for other members by more specific details now like where they have been and what they like, compiled from all of Facebook’s data on its users.
Like a certain restaurant? See which of your friends also likes it and who they know who has been there.
Listen to a certain type of music? See who else listens to the same righteous jams as you do.
Want to see which of your friend’s friends are single? Kind of creepy, but you will soon have the option to do so.
The emphasis of Graph Search is to allow more connections between Facebook users and not to act as simply an Internet search engine. This is monumental on a level of personal use for Facebook, but also for businesses that have pages. With all of these users searching for these connections, visibility for restaurants, bars and every day services are destined to see a bump.
So prepare for the change and an easier, more-interactive way to find friends online. Also, prepare for one of your Aunt Tilda’s poker buddies to send you a friend request because you both “liked” the page for “Television”.

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