Mobile Advertising

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In this new day and age, cell phones and tablet devices outnumber television sets almost 3 to 1, so traditional strategies of advertising have had to adapt. Beginning with SMS text messaging ads, mobile advertising has quickly evolved to include mobile web and in-app advertisements. “Free” apps are actually paid for by advertising placements within them, as well as mobile versions of websites which will contain advertisements optimized for smaller mobile screens. With mobile marketing, personal data is collected through technologies like location services to personalize ads based on the user. Information on their preferences, habits, and location can all be used to better target a potential customer.

Types of mobile ads include:

Flash movies

Certain forms of mobile advertising should be used in moderation. Mobile devices are used so much that users can quickly become irritated with ads, so a balance must be made between effectively targeting your audience without annoying them. The mobile phone is an extremely personal device, which means you must take great care in not having a user feel as though you are invading their space. SMS or Text ads are a great example of a mobile advertising form that can quickly become aggravating to users or give them the impression that their privacy is being invaded.

By utilizing various data, customers can be better marketed to in cool and inventive ways. For instance, an effective marketer will use location technology to advertise to a mobile user in close proximity to your place of business. Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives, and with that comes a high level of accessibility for businesses looking to increase their customer base.

Effective Strategy is key.

The most important thing is that mobile ads are tailored toward a mobile user. Just because an ad is effective on a desktop doesn’t necessarily mean it will have equal success on a mobile device. Simply shrinking a desktop ad to fit a mobile screen is not an effective strategy. At thirteen05 creative, we know how to differentiate and tailor strategies for both mobile and desktop ad campaigns that will give you the most advertising power.

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