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Animal Emergency & Urgent Care, located in Palm Harbor, is an emergency veterinary clinic. The hospital provides lifesaving care to cats, dogs, and other domestic pets in the Tampa Bay Area, after hours when local veterinary clinics have closed for the day.

The Challenge

Although based in Pinellas County for over 25 years, owner of Animal Emergency, Dr. Jean McKnight, still felt that more could be done to increase business. Calls were few and far between and website traffic was lacking. Efforts were done in the past to develop effective marketing tactics. However, in addition to caring for current patients and running the day to day operations of the business, naturally, the primary focus and expertise at Animal Emergency was veterinary care for patients, not marketing. Furthermore, Animal Emergency’s website was outdated and in dire need of a revamping. Outsourcing the job to professionals was their only hope. Fortunately, they came across our website in 2010 and that’s when we stepped in to help.

comparing old animal emergency ad to current We increased Animal Emergency's ad efficiency, achieving a higher relevancy in Google searches and lowering their average costs, as shown in this report.

A Comprehensive Approach

One of our two primary goals was to improve Animal Emergency’s click ad campaign. Pay Per Click ads benefit emergency veterinarians like Animal Emergency because it’s a fast and effective way to generate a steady stream of leads. Although not a replacement for organic search engine optimization, it is a good supplement, especially if there’s a particular service you want to promote and increase a customer base for.

We helped improve their click ads by defining a target area and using our knowledge of the target market to develop more intentional ads, including click to call ads, extended text ads, and site links. Truly understanding the target market was key in us being able to effectively market Animal Emergency to those who needed it most. Continuous testing and refinement have also been a vital part of the process. Regular A/B testing of ads to find more effective wording has been critical.

Our next goal was to reimagine the company website in a way that put the most relevant information in the forefront. This is an emergency animal hospital, after all. So those in the target market would be looking for particular information – where to find the hospital, how to call the hospital, and if they can come over right now. We improved the design and functionality of the website, including easy to find directions and a map of the area. Information we learned from the click ad campaign was used as well.

Powerful Results

With a new and improved website, and more effective and professionally done online ads, Animal Emergency became a real contender in the Tampa Bay Area. The amount of relevant traffic grew dramatically. The hospital started receiving 200 calls per month. Frantic pet owners were able to find the most relevant information more easily, saving precious time for their injured pets. We continued to test ad wording, but the success of our click ads was apparent, being the major source of increased web traffic.

With the services of thirteen05 creative, Animal Emergency & Urgent Care was able to see a boom in traffic and has continued to reap the rewards of a well-designed website and more focused search ads. After only a few months, clicks doubled for Animal Emergency and as of now the hospital receives over 5 times the number of clicks garnered before we began our campaign. Because we continuously improved the quality of the campaign, the cost per click was reduced to less than half – the complete reverse of the usual (in most industries cost of clicks has increased considerably over the last several years).

1305 is an exceptional company. The people are efficient, effective and a pleasure to work with. In managing our SEO, our new client visits from internet searches have increased between 20% and 100%. They developed a high quality website for us and provided education that enabled us to enhance our content that in turn improves our SEO. I would highly recommend partnering with these talented professionals. - Jane Ackley, Director of Business Development at Forte Veterinary Partners

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