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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means making a web page attractive to the search engines (“search-engine friendly”). The result is higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google and the other major search engines.

We sometimes say “organic” or “natural” SEO to make it clear we are not talking about “click ads” (sponsored links) where you are paying for your position every time someone clicks on the link.

Higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERP’s) mean more visitors because searchers mostly stop at page 1 in the search results and rarely go beyond page 3. Perfect is being in the top half of page 1 (rankings 1 to 5), but anywhere on page 1 (top 10) is beneficial for your website, increasing the chances of being found converting visitor to customer.

How high up in the search engine rankings your site appears depends a great deal on how relevant the search engines consider your content when compared to the search term. They (the search engines) are in the business of providing users with relevant information.

As most of us know, Google is the heavyweight of search engines, with over 70% of all searches, because they do a better job of that than anyone else. They put a lot of work into it and continually make changes to improve the visitor experience and to fight the continuing efforts of some to fool it.


There are “black hat” optimization techniques that will get someone high rankings even though the site should not really be rated very relevant. Google is continuously working to do a better job of detecting these. You don’t want to use them because even though you may get high rankings for a while, eventually you’ll lose them and probably even be blacklisted by Google and won’t show up in the rankings at all.

Because Google is constantly refining their algorithms, and what was true 3 or 4 years ago may be old and no longer work. It’s one reason why good Search Engine Optimization, and Internet Marketing in general, is a professional activity. It takes continuing study to keep up with what it takes to properly optimize a site.

Beware promoters who promise instant results or guarantee rankings. Distrust cheap SEO. If SEO were so fast, easy or cheap, wouldn’t everyone be ranked #1?


“thirteen05 has helped my business realize a significant improvement in revenue in just one quarter!”

~Eric Spaulding / Clearwater Marine Enterprises

At thirteen05, we specialize in SEO and use only “white hat” techniques to get our clients high rankings. It takes a lot of work and it takes a while – a typical SEO project runs 3 months or longer. But it gets results, one-for-one.

The first step in search engine optimization is research, using specialized tools, as to what search terms are most important.

If needed, we add content to your website that the people you want to attract will find interesting, informative, useful and relevant to their needs. That’s really what Google is looking for. Our search term research tells us what the content should be.

We then apply a whole suite of techniques to make sure Google and the other search engines recognize the site for what it is: what people are looking for. That is based on our years of experience and know-how validated by results.

To start generating the targeted traffic that you need to grow your business, contact our team right away for a free SEO consultation. As Tampa’s best local SEO company, we have the expertise that you need to win.

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